The product FLEX is a great alternative for those who want a flexible everyday life

Your benefits by choosing the FLEX product

  • You don’t have to download an app, create user profile and register a payment card
  • You don’t have to remember your registration number
  • Arrive, park, leave
  • Payment deferral of at least 14 days

What is FLEX?

FLEX is a product for easy parking, not having to do anything on site. You only need to drive into the parking facility, park and drive out. Your vehicles license plate will be automatically registered by cameras when entering and exiting the parking facility. The parking fee will be invoiced to you at a later date with a payment deferral.

What does FLEX cost?

Flex has a fixed price of NOK 59 per parking. When invoicing, an invoice fee of NOK 12.50 per invoice is also charged. Prices include VAT.

Is in mandatory to use FLEX when I park in an Aimo Park Easy facility?

No, this is optional. In our Aimo Park Easy facilities (facilities with automatic number plate recognition) there are many ways to pay for parking. You can either pay at the machine before leaving the parking facility, with automatic charge (Autotrekk), or online within 48 hours after parking has ended (pay-at-home). There are no additional costs if you pay using one of these options.

You can also choose to pay with EasyPark (by accepting camera parking; in which case you will pay a surcharge that appears in the agreement you have with EasyPark).

More questions about FLEX?
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