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Aimo Park Easy

A seamless and customer-friendly parking solution without barriers. The camera registers your car both when entering and exiting. Pay for parking at the machine, in the Easy Park app or within 48 hours on our website. Sign up for automatic towing at the next parking lot. You can also choose full flexibility with our product FLEX.

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Do you want to pay for parking in an Aimo Park Easy facility?

Pay online within 48 hours. Apply for your license plate and pay for the parking.

NEW! Circle K Fast chargers

NEW! Circle K Fast chargers

8 CircleK 300 kW fast chargers can now be found at Aimo hub ­ Ullevaal Stadium, outside on the west side of towards Sognsveien.

Aimo Park in the Nordics

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Quick and easy, the EasyPark app helps you find a parking space and easily pay for parking throughout Norway.

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We offer a variety of local deals . For instance Cinema parking, reduced prices for restaurant guests.

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