Additional questions about FLEX?

Why do I have to pay for FLEX as I am also paying for parking?

All customers who parks at our parking facilities must pay for parking. When you choose to use FLEX you use an additional product connected to the parking, as you also do when you for instance use EasyPark. The price you pay for FLEX is payment for using the product. Aimo Park offers this as a product of choice, so that the customers who are actually using FLEX are the ones paying for the product, instead of spreading the costs on all customers, for instance by increasing the general parking tariffs.

Why do I have to pay an invoice fee when receiving an invoice for FLEX parking?

The invoice fee covers the actual costs for issuing and sending an invoice. By 1. April 2024 the invoice fee (for all invoices) is 12,50 NOK incl. VAT.

What is the difference between FLEX and invoice fee?

Earlier (before 1. April 2024) parts of the costs for systems and handling customers who choose to pay by invoice after parking were included in our invoice and administration fee. After the new Financial Agreement Act (“Finansavtaleloven”) was set in force in 2023 the Consumer Authorities and Financial Supervisory Authorities have clarified their understanding of the Financial Agreement Act § 2-4, through decisions within the telecom business. In short, these authorities have communicated that there are only the actual costs for issuing and sending invoices that can be included in invoice fees. Before this clarification, it has been some uncertainty regarding this.

Aimo Park has taken the initiative to reduce our invoice fee to 12.50 NOK incl. VAT, which only covers our actual costs for issuing and sending an invoice. We have also chosen to charge for our FLEX product, which is priced to cover our system and handling costs, among other things.