About Control Fees

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Why does Aimo Park issue sanction Fees?

Aimo Park imposes sanction fees to enforce the parking terms on private parking areas that are publicly accessible or private parking areas reserved for tenant’s and therefore not publicly accessible.

Aimo Park determines the parking terms that apply to the area together with the landowner. The parking terms shall comply with the terms and conditions attached to the parking regulation.

Sanction fees are used as a sanction for violating the parking terms that apply to the area in accordance with the parking regulations. The parking conditions are informed on-site with sign and the drivers are obliged to familiarize themselves with these when parking on sites.

You can read more about the legislation covering private parking companies here.

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Refund of paid parking Fee

If you have been issued a sanction fee due to lack of payment caused by mistyping , you may apply for a refund of the parking fee you paid.

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What does the law say?

Aimo Park operates and manages parking areas on behalf of landowners. This applies through the official parking regulations, property rights and the contract law.

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