The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act shall ensure respect for and compliance with human rights and decent working conditions, as well as ensure the public's access to information about the due diligence assessments of larger companies related to this.

Aimo Park Norway carries out due diligence assessments for its own operations and for our supply chain in line with the requirements of the Transparency Act.

Below you can read our due diligence assessments in our annual reports (in Norwegian):

Read our yearly report 2023 

Inform us about violations

If you want to inform us about possible violations of human rights and/or decent working conditions at our company or in our supply chain, you can send an e-mail to

Please mark the inquiry with "Transparency Act". If you want to remain anonymous, you can contact us by phone (with a hidden number) or by letter.

We will later launch a digital solution for anonymous “whistleblowing”.