Aimo Park camera solutions

Aimo Park Easy is a free-flow parking solution without barriers. Cameras register your license plate number automatically on entry and exit.

Easy parking


  • You don`t have to collect a ticket on entry
  • You don`t have to worry about parking duration
  • No sanction fees
  • Register for autmatic charge.

Easy payment


  • Pay when leaving: Type inn your licence plate number on our
  • Payment machine and pay
  • Pay online within 48 hours
  • Automatic charge as a registered user
  • Invoice: unpaid parking will be invoiced including invoice and administration fee.


Pay within 48 hours


  • Pay your parking online within 48 hours after exiting.
  • You need the licence plate number of the vehicle you parked and a payment card.

Search for unpaid parking

It is easy to pay online after you have driven out of the lot. Just type in your licence plate to find unpaid parking. 

Search for unpaid parking




Please be aware that we will send you an invoice including invoice and administration fee of NOK 59,- if you do not pay for your parking.

Register for automatic charge for your next parkings


If you have an EasyPark account, you can also use this for automated paymnet when parking in facilities which offer Aimo Park Access

In order to use the service, choose your license plate in the app and click on the three dots. Check 'Activate for camera-parking'. Remember to activate at least 15 minutes before you do your first parking.

At exit you will get a push-notification that your parking is ended. You can also find your receipt under 'My parkings' - 'History' in the App.

More information and registration


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