Aimo Park Easy

Aimo Park Easy is a free-flow parking solution without barriers. Cameras register your license plate number automatically on entry and exit.

  • You don't have to collect a ticket when you park your car
  • You don't have to worry about parking duration
  • Register for automatic charge
  • Possibility of full flexibility. You don't have to remember your licence plate number, pay at the payment machine or register in the app


Pay online within 48 hours, just apply your license plate number
Pay here


Easy payment

We offer several different payment options - find the one that suits you best.

Pay when leaving

  • Pay for your parking at one of our payment machines
  • Enter your car's license number at the payment machine
  • Pay for parking by card or coin

Pay within 48 hours

  • You need the license plate number of the vehicle you used and a payment card
  • Your entry and exit from the parking facility is read and registered by the camera - the Aimo Park Easy system calculates your parking time

Click here to pay.

Pay with Automatic charge

  • Download the App "Aimo Park" and register with an "autotrekk/automatic charge" agreement
  • You can also use EasyPark for automatic payment. Remember to activate automatic camera parking in the EasyPark App

Click here for more information about Automatic charge.

Park with full flexibility

Use the product FLEX

  • By choosing this product, you do not need to do anything when you park
  • Drive in, park and drive out
  • You will receive an invoice afterwards where the product has a fixed price + ordinary rate. The invoicing fee is charged when invoicing
  • See the machine and website for individual rates and more information