Økernveien 149

Here you can find all the details about our car parkin Økernveien 149, in Oslo. Welcome to Aimo Park!

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  • Number of parking spots: 51
  • Number of EV parking spots: 4
  • Indoors: No

Opening hours for short term parking

  • Mon–Sun:
    IN  00–24
    OUT  00–24

About the facility

The outdoor car park at Økernveien 149 is mainly a closed parking facility only for long-term rental of parking spaces. Even so, there are 4 parking spaces for visitor parking for short-term rental.

Read more about Heimstaden and our parking facilities

This parking facility is part of Heimstaden's many parking facilities, which we operate. At several of the facilities, we offer both visitor and rental parking.

Parking with the EasyPark App

You can pay using the EasyPark App on this parking location.

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Do you want to order a Season ticket?

A season ticket is perfect for you who park often. Drive in and out without having to pay for each parking. Order a season ticket by pressing the "Buy long term rent" - button above.


  • EV charging
  • Mobile phone coverage
  • Public transportation

Payment methods for short term parking

  • Aimo Park app
  • EasyPark