• Number of parking spots: 62
  • Drive through height: 2,05 m

Opening hours

  • Mon–Sun:
    IN  00–24
    OUT  00–24

Akersgata P-hus

Here you can find all the details about our car park Akersgata P-hus in Oslo. Welcome to Aimo Park!

  • Open 24/7

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About the facility

Akersgata P-hus is located centrally in the Oslo city center. Flexible and secure parking in a closed parking garage and only subscription users have access. Here we offer dedicated parking spots, with or without charging possibilities.


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Prices and products

Akersgata P-hus - Plan U2.
  • 7X24 Reservert 4015 NOK/month
Akersgata P-hus - Plan U3.
  • 7X24 - Reservert EL 4755 NOK/month
  • 7X24 Reservert 4015 NOK/month