Green mobility - Storebrand Property and Aimo Park

Sustainability strategy

We work together to increase the use of environmentally friendly transport solutions at Storebrand's properties. This will ensure long-term profitability and at the same time safeguarding the company's values, goals and commitments. Together, we will contribute to fulfilling Storebrand Eiendom's sustainability strategy.

Our core values

  • We base our operations on the UN's sustainability goals.
  • We help our customers to live more sustainably.
  • We are a responsible employer.
  • Our processes and decisions are based on sustainability.
  • We work together to achieve the UN's sustainability goals.
  • We are transparent about our work and our sustainability results.

Together, we will contribute to fulfilling Storebrand Properties sustainability strategy

E1. Climate-adapted portfolio
Ensure that our properties and car parks withstand climate change and other natural risks.

E2. Climate neutrality
Work towards climate neutrality by 2050 in accordance with the Paris Agreement, with the aim of reducing emissions sharply by 2030.

E3. Circular solutions
Choose solutions that promote reuse and minimize waste and the use of new resources.

E4. Biodiversity
Contribute to preserving local nature and preventing pollution of air, soil and water.

S1. Healthy and inclusive buildings and neighbourhoods
Building healthy and safe environments that promote well-being and productivity. Including a car park where our customers feel safe and well looked after.

S2. Decent work in the supply chain
Ensure that our suppliers follow ethical guidelines and respect human rights

S3. Equality, diversity and well-being among employees
Create an inclusive workplace that reflects society's diversity.

G3. Data-driven and transparent insight and comm.
Be open about our work and results, and use data for better management.

How we follow up

  • Reduce energy consumption by optimizing operation of the car parks and investing in green measures.
  • Using renewable energy to charge electric cars.
    Reduce waste and increase reuse.
  • Choose sustainable solutions and support green mobility, such as walking, cycling and the sharing economy.
  • Improve the environmental friendliness and financial sustainability of the parking facilities through the implementation of charging stations and efficient waste sorting.