• Number of parking spots: 71
  • Number of EV parking spots: 4
  • Number of disabled parking spots: 1

Opening hours

  • Mon–Sun:
    IN  00–24
    OUT  00–24

St. Olavsgate 27

Here you can find all the details about our car park St. Olavsgate 27 in Oslo. Welcome to Aimo Park!

  • Open 24/7

Edvard Storms Gate 3 Entry and Exit from Edvard Storms gate og Pilestredet View in maps

About the facility

Short term parking

We offer short term parking in this facility. Payment is done to the paymnetmachine located on site. 


Parking with the EasyPark App

You can pay using the EasyPark App on this parking location.

Available for iOS and Android, download the EasyPark parking app now

Do you want to order a Season ticket?

Click on the "buy long term rent" button at the top and see availability of products.

Prices and products

St. Olavsgate 27 - Ute
  • 7x24 Fri Flyt 3375 NOK/month
  • Natt + Helg 940 NOK/month


  • Bicycle parking
  • Coin payment
  • Credit card payment
  • Disabled
  • Electric charging point
  • Mobile payment
  • Mobile phone coverage
  • Public transportation

Payment methods for visitor parking

  • Circle K
  • EasyPark
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cash
  • Shell card