Aimo Park takes environmental responsibility

Aimo Park was recertified 11.12.2023 as an Eco-lighthouse for 3 new years. We are very proud of the work that has been put into this process, which means that we have documented that we work systematically and purposefully to reduce our environmental impacts.

Eco-lighthouse is a recognized and effective tool for certification and environmental management, which helps us succeed in green transition.

Through a digital system, we get concrete tools to work purposefully on improving our environmental performance in the areas of working environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport. This gives us good conditions for helping to achieve several of the UN's sustainability goals.


Annual climate and environment report

As an Eco-lighthouse business, we are obliged to work continuously with improvement. Our environmental achievements are documented in our annual climate and environmental report. To see our reports, see separate link to PDF of Aimo Park:

Electric vehicle

In Oslo, our inspectors use exclusively electric vehicles. We have made progress in replacing our control vehicles with zero-emission vehicles in Norway. By 2025, all our inspectors must use electric cars.


We choose environmentally certified suppliers

Aimo Park chooses environmentally certified suppliers, products and services whenever possible. We encourage all suppliers to become environmentally certified and appreciate joint efforts for climate and the environment.


More about Eco-lighthouse

Eco-lighthouse is Norway's most used environmental management system. The environmental beacon certification is a recognized national environmental certification scheme on a par with the international environmental certification schemes (ISO 14001 and EMAS). Companies and businesses that are to become Eco-lighthouses must fulfill and document a number of requirements that must be reported further.

To become an Eco-lighthouse, or to hear more about the certification process and experiences, see here: Eco-lighthouse or get in touch by e-mail:


Reconized in Europe

Eco-lighthouses are the first national scheme in Europe to be recognized by the EU.

Certified businesses can present the Eco-lighthouse certificate as documentation when public clients in other European countries carry out competitions, and demands have been made for EMAS or other environmental management systems.

Feedback from customer and collaboration partners

We want input from our customers, collaboration partners and other stakeholders on how our climate and environmental impact can be improved.

Click the link and send us an email today.


Latest news with focus on sustainability.

Aimo Park is resertified as a Eco-Lighthouse

We are proud to again been certified to be an Eco-Lighthouse for 3 new years. This means that we have documented that we work systematically and purposefully to reduce our environmental impacts.

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NEW! CircleK Fast chargers

8 CircleK 300 kW fast chargers can now be found outside on the west side of Ullevaal Stadium towards Sognsveien.

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Aimo Hub

Cities will have less privately owned cars, a trend that can already be seen in across Europe, including Nordic cities. Parking garages will cease to exist as we know them. Instead, they will become what Aimo likes to call Aimo hubs.

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