Silurveien P-hus

Oslo has the distinction of being the largest city in Norway and the third largest city in Scandinavia region. The city offers a variety of cultural attractions and shopping. You can easily explore the city by using Q-Park throughout the city.
Silurveien P-hus
Silurveien 2 0380 Oslo
258 Parking spaces
Parking spaces 258
Disabled spaces 3
Electric charging points 12
Drive through height (in metres) 2.1

This parking facility offers Q-Park EASY

Cameras register your license plate at the entry and exit - our system will automatically calculate the duration of your stay. 


  • Pay on payment station before departure
  • Pay Online within 48 hour after departure 
  • Invoice - If you don`t pay your parking at the payment machine or online, you will receive an invoice including an invoice fee (NOK 49,-).
  • Auto charge - Create a profile and register your credit card and vehicle for easy and quick parking. Parking amount will be charges automatically from registered credit card.  

Short term tariff if automatic charge of credit card
Mon-fri (8am-4pm) NOK 7.00 /started 30 minutes
Short term tariff
Mon-fri (8am-4pm) 1st hour, price interval NOK 10.00 /started 30 minutes
Mon-fri (8am-4pm) other hours within period NOK 15.00 /started 30 minutes
Other hours NOK 0.00
Daily tariff NOK 200.00

Day Entry Exit
Monday - Sunday 04:45 - 22:30 04:45 - 22:30

Car wash
Coin payment
Credit card payment
Electric charging point
Mobile payment
Mobile network

Bank Axept
Circle K
Shell card
Q-Park Access

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