What does Aimo Park do?

Parking supervision and quality car parks


Parking is essential to efficient city planning

Imagine Oslo or Bergen city centre with cars parked on all streets, sidewalks and squares. There would not be much space left for sitting in the sun outside a café or walking in the city streets browsing the shop windows.

This is why parking is an essential part of a modern city centre.


city planning, parking 


Aimo Park improves the infrastructure of the largest Norwegian cities by offering central parking opportunities. We supply parking spaces where there is a need – near homes, workplaces, shops and experiences.

That way, we help design cities that have room for people and life, while we can all get from A to B in the most efficient way. The public sector cannot handle the societal challenge of the ever-increasing number of cars in cities by itself.

Therefore, we develop many of our parking facilities in cooperation with municipalities and public authorities. We run centrally located, high-quality parking facilities in buildings that match the city and are often convenient for public transportation.


Parking supervision ensures avaiable parking spaces

We supervise private parking areas where the owner has asked us to ensure that the parking spaces are available to those who need them.


Q-Park parking supervision

OPENING 14th of December - 20 Tesla Super Chargers

With over 30,000 Superchargers, Tesla owns and operates the largest fast charging network in the world. The supercharger stations also constitute Norway's largest fast charging network, and is the only network that covers Norway along from Lindesnes to Nordkapp. The supercharger stations are located along important routes, close to convenient facilities, and they keep you charged when you are away from home. Just plug in, charge up and drive on.

At Ullevaal Stadion, you’ll find a V3 Supercharger station with 20 charging stalls (250 kW peak charging rates) to the right of the ramp into the garage on the east side of the stadium. The station will be available for all EV drivers via the Tesla app.

Electric car sharing

HYRE offers easy electric car hire at Ullevaal Stadium. You can find them in the parking garage. 

Posten pick-up points

Posten pick-up boxes offers local and easy pick-up of your online shopping items. 


Instabox offers local and easy pick-up of your online shopping items. 


Oslo City bikes

Oslo City bikes. Your easy access public bikes that makes your micro mobility sustainable, quick and convenient. 


With bike lockers available through the Bikely app we are improving the life of the every day cyclist. At Ullevaal,parking your bike is easy, safe and good for you health. 


Ullevaal Stadium is a public transportation hot spot.
Taking the subway to and from Ullevaal Stadium is easy, quick and sustainable. 


Ullevaal Stadium is a public transportation hot spot. You can easily take the bus to and from the stadium and your next visit. 

Airport bus

Use the airport bus for easy travel to and from Oslo airport Gardermoen. The bus stop is on Ring 3 right next to Ullevaal Stadium. 


LemonWax aim to be the most environmentally friendly car care in Norway. With a washing technology without harmful chemicals and the use of high pressure steaming machines, we save the environment for up to 400 litres of water per wash. This results in a shiny clean car with a protective wax layer. Now you can have your car cleaned while parked at Ullevaal. You find LemonWax at entrance E in the parking garage.



At Ullevaal Stadium we offer Aimo Park Easy, a free-flow parking solution. Cameras register your license plate number automatically on entry and exit.


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