Om Aimo Park

We are a parking company. With the future in mind. Through innovation and accessible mobility solutions we aim to simplify people's everyday life. Because it´s time to Rethink parking.


In 2019, Aimo Park acquired all of Q-Parks operations in Sweden, becoming the leading parking company in the Nordics. And we continue to build from a strong legacy.

Q-Park was established on the Swedish market back in 2006 through the acquisition of Carpark. Two years later, the name was officially changed to Q-Park and the new company profile was implemented in car parking facilities across Sweden. Carpark was founded back in 1959 and started off with just one car park: the Hötorget parking garage in central Stockholm. A location that during the 60s shared the facilities with a number of sea lions. Yes, sea lions. Brought in by an eccentric entrepreneur and occupying the 100th section, the former circus animals is the origin of the myth that you could actually bump into one of them while parking your car. We still have Hötorget garage as part of our portfolio, but it´s guaranteed to be sea lion free.


Aimo Park is owned by the Japanese company Sumitomo who has a century-long history of successful, long term investments and collaborations. With around 300,000 parking spaces spread across 1,600 parking facilities, we continue to be the leading parking company in Sweden. Aimo Park offers everything from individual parking services to turn-key solutions for entire parking facilities. In Sweden, Aimo Park works in partnership with property owners, housing cooperatives, municipalities and county councils. With 32 branch offices, we have a presence across the whole country, from Boden in the north through to Malmö in the south. We have about 400 employees in Sweden.

In 2018, the company introduced Aimo in Stockholm, Sweden’s first electric carshare service. In August of that year, Aimo launched a trial of electric scooters. The acquisition of Q-Park further strengthens the strategy to invest in mobility companies and innovations that simplify everyday life.

Our strong legacy has helped us to establish:

  • Geographic coverage nationwide.
  • Solid knowledge.
  • Sound financial base.
  • Reliable parking equipment and our own technical service.
  • Rental of car parking spaces and service functions for car park customers and clients.
  • Operation and maintenance of parking facilities.
  • Car park monitoring.
  • Project design and the construction of parking facilities in order to make optimal use of the available parking space and to ensure clear signage.
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