Utforsk bygdøy med aimo park

Experience Bygdøy with Aimo Park

Bygdøy is one of Oslo’s most charming and historic areas. With its beautiful beaches, museums, and scenic beauty, it’s a perfect place for a day trip. But finding parking in Bygdøy can be a challenge. This is where Aimo Park comes into the picture.

We offer innovative parking solutions that make it easy to park your car and enjoy everything Bygdøy has to offer.

Our customer-centric approach ensures you have a hassle-free parking experience. We focus on delivering seamless parking solutions that make it easy for you to explore Bygdøy without stress.

Find the best Oslo landmarks with Aimo Park

Oslo is full of exciting landmarks, and Bygdøy is no exception. Here you will find some of the most iconic museums in Norway, such as the Viking Ship Museum and the Norwegian Folk Museum. With Aimo Park you can easily find parking in Oslo close to these attractions.

Our Aimo Park Easy service offers ticketless parking solutions, so you can focus on enjoying your day without worrying about parking tickets. This makes it easy to visit multiple landmarks in one day.

We also offer EV chargers through our Aimo Charge service. This is perfect for those who drive an electric car and want to explore Oslo in an environmentally friendly way. With our charging stations, you can charge your car while visiting the city’s attractions.

Check out our parking facility Aimo Park | Bygdøhus in the center of Bygdøy

Our parking facility, Aimo Park | Bygdøhus, is centrally located in the center of Bygdøy. This makes it easy to park your car and explore the area on foot. The facility is modern and offers all the amenities you need for a comfortable parking experience.

We also offer parking rental and offers to suit different needs, whether it is short-term or long-term rental. This gives you the flexibility to choose the solution that works best for you.

Explore Bygdøy with Aimo Park and experience a hassle-free parking experience. With our innovative solutions and customer-centric approach, we make it easy for you to enjoy all that Oslo has to offer.